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-u, --unquoted Do not quote the output. Note that whitespace and special (shell-dependent) characters can cause havoc in this mode (like they do with other getopt(1) implementations). The parameters are parsed from left to right. Each parameter is classified as a short option, a long option, an ...
nohup 实用程序会调用提供了参数的指定 command。 如果调用时使用了 -p 或 -g 标志,nohup 会安排由进程 ID 列表或进程组 ID 列表标识的已运行进程变得不受挂起影响。
Chris Lesner asks: "What handy UNIX tricks/tools do you use everyday? I'm asking for stuff that amazes your friends and makes you wonder how they use UNIX w/o them. Some simple examples include: job control (with fg, bg/&, jobs, Ctrl-Z); moving login sessions between machines with Screen for vt1...
Zsh (unlike [t]csh) gives you the option of having background jobs killed or not: the nohup option exists if you don't want them killed. Note that you can always run programs with nohup in front of the pipeline whether or not the option is set, which will prevent that job from being killed on logout.
nohup - Unix, Linux Command - Run COMMAND, ignoring hangup signals. nohup is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and nohup programs are properly installed at your site, the command.
Apr 26, 2020 · Zsh is a much more configurable shell with tons of plugins and themes that will make your terminal look awesome and even improve your workflow. For this shell customization possibilities are almost limitless, so now I'll simply explain the settings and themes I use.
Commit: 6e155df5a80c981187d6ae41698a84af1f375440 - external-mksh (git) - Android-x86 #osdn
Aunque esto fue más complicado en el pasado, a partir de 2017 (Zsh v5.4), obtener una tecla rápida de ayuda muy rápida y conveniente con los dedos es tan simple como poner lo siguiente en su .zshrc (o archivos de configuración equivalentes):
Many of these options serve the purpose of enabling (or disabling) compatibility with other shells. There are also many options which are specific to zsh. You can set an option with the setopt command. For compatibility with other shells the setopt command and set -o have the same effect (set an option by name). The following commands set the ...
Bash nohup command tutorial. The meaning of nohup is 'no hangup'. Normally, when we log out from the system then all the running programs or processes are hangup or terminated.
setopt MENUCOMPLETE setopt ALL_EXPORT #. Set/unset shell options setopt notify globdots correct pushdtohome cdablevars autolist setopt correctall autocd recexact longlistjobs setopt...
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  • Для многих пользователей может быть желательно увидеть, поддерживает ли ваша оболочка такую возможность, как setopt nohup zsh.
  • Oh, I always had the same issue. Thank goodness for your question. Usually I open another shell under the same. I mean, simply run zsh from your zsh. Another solution could be to close your terminal emulator then open a new one, but this does take time, and wouldn't make sense from a login shell.
  • background にまわしたプロセスを走らせておいたままlogout したいは良くあるわけですが, その度に「後から nohup できないかな」とか思ってました.zsh の設定を漁っていたらありました(そりゃそうだ). 「setopt nohup」を設定しておく 内部コマンド "disown" を実行する. 「di…
  • back soft, را در سایت back soft بخوانید
  • When listing options (by 'setopt', 'unsetopt', 'set -o' or 'set +o'), those turned on by default appear in Hence (unless KSH_OPTION_PRINT is set), 'setopt' shows all options whose settings are changed...

またはzsh内: unsetopt CASE_GLOB またはyashで: set +o case-glob そしてあなたのコマンド。 それをそれぞれ.bashrc、.zshrc、または.yashrcに入れたい場合があります。 または、zshを使用します。 setopt extendedglob ls -d -- (#i)*abc*

topalias - Linux bash/zsh aliases generator and.#!/bin/zsh setopt MONITOR TRAPINT() { print AAA } print 1 ( ./child & ; wait) print 2. 如果在child运行时按下Ctrl-C,它将等待退出,然后打印AAA和2. child不会收到任何信号。 子shell用于防止显示PID。 对不起…这是为zsh,虽然问题是为bash,但我不知道bash足以提供一个等效的脚本。
zsh$ setopt no_clobber hist_allowclobber zsh$ echo foo > baz zsh$ echo bar > baz zsh: file exists: baz zsh$ [Arrow UP] zsh$ echo bar >| baz zsh$. And as a last remark, options are case-insensitive...See full list on

Great! coreutils-nohup works in my TS-209 II ! nohup in Optware coreutils on my TS-219P+ works for me.

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I found that zsh's nohup is broken and doesn't do what you want. Disown works most of the time. Though once I had an issue trying to use disown with ffmpeg in zsh, so started a bash shell and ran nohup inside that. – Sridhar Sarnobat Nov 27 '16 at 8:26